5 Reasons why Air Conditioner Maintenance is Important


During the warm summer months you rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool and your home comfortable. In order for that to happen your air conditioning system requires regular maintenance to function properly. More often than not, maintenance on home cooling systems is overlooked, it’s important to understand why the maintenance of this is so crucial. Here are five reasons why you should make your air conditioning maintenance a priority:


1. Run More Efficiently – without regular maintenance, your a/c system is subject to additional wear and tear and on average you will work 20% harder

2. Conserving Energy – if you assume your system is working 20% harder, you can also assume your energy bill will be 20% higher.

3. Save you Money – regular maintenance will ensure your manufacturer warranty remains intact, with parts under warranty you won’t have to put out additional money for repairs.

4. Improve Indoor Air Quality – a tune up includes cleaning the unit and replacing filters. This process prevents any unwanted airborne pollutants from being circulated through your home, keeping everyone healthy and happy.

5. Increase your system lifespan – the average life span is approximately 10 years, with regular maintenance you can ensure you meet this benchmark, if not exceed the average.


Thomson’s scheduled tune-up will ensure all the components, are in good working condition. By scheduling regular maintenance, qualified technicians can pinpoint issues before they become significant problems you end up with a costly emergency call.
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