Not all homes are heated by a traditional furnace. In fact, several older homes in the Lower Mainland were built with boiler heating systems.

The primary difference between the way a furnace each heat your home is the heat transfer. Furnaces blow heated air, while boilers heat water that travels through pipes running throughout your home. They can run across your floors, (this is called in-floor heating).

The heated water can also run to a baseboard heater or heat register. In older homes, you can recognize this by the large cast iron radiators against walls.

Boilers can also be used as your homes’ hot water heater. Additional benefits of this heating system include increased zoning ability, better air quality, minimal noise, and maximum energy efficiency. Unsure if a boiler is a right choice for you? Our team is there for you to answer all of your home heating questions. Call today for a no-obligation furnace quote – 604.552.2990.