Ductless / Split Units

Most have heard of ductless cooling or heating systems. You will find these in places where ductwork typically is not available. You may have seen the small, discreet indoor devices installed high on walls, or in restaurants or office buildings.

Rather than having bulky, labour intensive ductwork installed for central air you can opt for these units. All they need is electricity. They are a perfect and efficient solution with many other advantages!

These ductless systems are controlled by a single central unit outside and are connected to the central unit by refrigerant lines that carry coolant inside. These are an excellent solution to replace a window unit, or in a home where you might like to have a different temperature in various rooms. They allow you to avoid wasting energy in unused rooms and provide improved air quality. Advances in technology have allowed this indoor cooling option to grow in popularity rapidly. Contact us to learn more today - 604.552.2990.