Fortis BC Launches 2018 Furnace and Boiler Rebates


Between the research, and of course the price tag, replacing your furnace can seem like a daunting task! Whether your furnace is nearing the end of its lifespan, or you are searching for a more energy efficient system, now is the perfect time to consider upgrading the unit in your home. On July 10, 2018 Fortis BC launched their 2018 rebate program! That means you can receive up to $700 in rebates* with the purchase of an eligible ENERGY STAR® or equivalent model of furnace!

Fortis Rebate Square-Thomson Industries

The average gas furnace will last about 15 years, assuming it has received proper care over the years. If the furnace in your home has exceeded this, you can proactively upgrade your unit to avoid costly repairs and increased energy costs. There have been significant advances in technology to increase comfort and reliability while decreasing your overall energy costs.

At Thomson we stock various efficiency levels and price points to choose from, if you are considering replacing your heating system, give us a call today and we will work with you to choose the right system for your home and assist in your Fortis BC rebate redemption.

*View full rebate details on the Fortis BC website 


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