Tune Ups + Repairs

We know that a scheduled check-up for your furnace isn’t always on the top of your mind. But when your furnace decides to give you problems, it’s never at a convenient time either.

Thomson’s scheduled tune-up plans on your furnace will ensure all the components, including the elements, are in good working condition. Regular cleanings can pinpoint issues before they become significant problems and you end up with an emergency call.

Because furnaces burn fuel, that provides the heat for your home, it’s also crucial to examine all the various components to ensure there aren’t any splits or leaks in the assembly. Taking the time to schedule these tune-ups will save lots of time, stress and money throughout the hearing (and cooling) season.

Thomson will test for carbon monoxide levels at the registers, and in the furnace room, checking for gas leaks in or around the furnace room, and adjust the hot water temperature to a safe 135 degrees F.

Check your warranty. You may find that most warranties call for annual maintenance to remain valid. Neglecting checkups can sometimes result in losing your heating system warranty, and finally, cost significant money.

Our multi-point inspection will give you peace of mind, and ensure a comfortable home — no matter what the season.


  • Observe the furnace for proper operation.
  • Change *** and/or clean the filters.
  • Clean the blower.
  • Clean the blower motor (if applicable)
  • Adjust belts and replace if needed. (belt cost extra)
  • Clean the inside of the blower cabinet.
  • Visually inspect the heat exchanger.
  • Observe the vent condition.
  • Clean the pilot assembly.
  • Clean the entire furnace cabinet.
  • Tidy up all electrical wiring & tighten any loose connections.
  • Fire the furnace and observe for proper operation.
  • Measure amperage and compare it to the rating plate.
  • Check the temperature rise.
  • Test operation of limits and controls.
  • Observe for proper clearances of venting and for combustion air.
  • Observe the condition & alignment of the burners.
  • Clean water heater and observe for leaks.

***Refers to standard size disposable filters.


  • Test carbon monoxide levels at the registers and in the furnace room.
  • Test for gas leaks in or around furnace room.
  • Adjust the hot water temperature to around 135 degrees.