Traditional central heating and cooling systems have very few options for differentiation within your home; typically you would set one temperature for your entire home. VRV LIFE™ systems are a complete heating and cooling hybrid solution that can replace your existing system, while adding zones for additional comfort or if you choose to expand your home in the future.

Typically a home is served via large ducted systems that do not allow for individual control over each zone. Some challenges often resulting from those systems are hot and cold spots throughout the home, and the inability to turn off or set back the temperature of rooms that are not being used. With VRV LIFE™ systems, homeowners will be able to have up to nine individual settings, rather than a traditional system allowing only two.

Imagine the advantages of keeping your office warm and toasty, while running air conditioning in your home gym. This unique technology will improve home comfort, airflow and most importantly — save energy. Contact Thomson Industries today to learn more about these cutting-edge advances in home comfort.